FireNET L@titude

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

  • UL Listed American Standard
  • 2 to 8 loop or 2 to 16 loop versions
  • 7 inch, full-color resistive touch screen with intuitive user interface
  • 400mA loop current
  • 400 subaddress points per loop (800 per loop module)
  • Programmable NACs: 4 Class B / 2 Class A
  • 5.25A or 10.25A power supply options
  • 3 programmable inputs and 5 programmable relay outputs
  • Pre-Signal & Alarm Verification 
  • Hard-wired fire and trouble routing inputs and out-puts
  • Modular and expandable electronics
  • Option to “invert” inputs and outputs
  • 5,000 programmable cause and effects
  • Can be networked with programmable functionality
  • Programming via USB or PC

FireNET L@titude Annunciator

Annunciator with Touch Screen Interface

    • Full-colour 7” (800 x 480 pixel) interface
    • Replicates information displayed at the FACP
    • Automatic display brightness adjustment
    • Internal buzzer
    • Connects via control panel network terminals  
    • Low current, 24V DC powered
    • Configurable functionality
    • Enable key-switch
    • Surface or semi-flush enclosure options 

Dual Loop Module

Dual Loop Expansion Module for L@titude Panels

    • Simple plug in connection
    • Adds 2 more loops to the Control panel

8 Channel Relay Module

Relay Expansion Module for L@titude Panels

    • Simple plug in connection
    • Adds 8 voltage free relay contacts to the Control panel
    • Separately configurable relays
    • Supports cause & effect logic
    • Used to trigger connected systems eg. fire pump, doors or elevators

Communication Module for L@titude Panels

    • Simple plug in connection
    • Dual line telephone dialer 
    • Contact ID or SIA monitoring protocol
    • Communicates events to Central Alarm Monitoring Station 
    • IP capability

Network Module

Network Module for L@titude Panels

    • Simple plug in connection 
    • Allows networking of several panels together in one system
    • Receives & communicates events from other panels in network
    • Supports combination of 127 panels or annunciators
    • High speed communication
    • Class X networking standard