L@titude_Fire Alarm Control System_Eyetech Security Systems

Fire alarm systems detect potential fires through smoke, heat, or speciality detectors such OSID (Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection), depending on the building structure and detection environment. Systems can report directly to the EYETECH 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Center and emergency services can be put on standby.

Fire alarms can be either simple conventional or advanced addressable systems. Whereas conventional fire alarm systems can only indicate the zone of the fire, addressable fire alarm systems identify the exact location (address) of the detector that has been triggered. This is particularly useful for hotels or apartment buildings where fires can be quickly located down to the exact room.

In addition to fire alarm systems, EYETECH offers the FirePro Xtinguish automatic aerosol based suppression system, a popular solution for server rooms and data centers. Compared to FM200 or other high pressure extinguishing systems, FirePro Xtinguish offers a far more cost effective, low maintenance and safer alternative.